Sold on eBay – Week of April 1st

I’ve decided to share my eBay fun a bit more since I am asked about it very often. I have been lacking in the eBay department because I have started selling on Amazon too. But I soon found that a mix of both is a great way to bring in money. I don’t want to bore you will ALL the sales since there were things I was trying to just move out of my store & lots of Micah’s old clothing. But I hope to help other who might be interested in reselling.

This past week I sold 21 items which came to a total of $331.85.

Last (last) Friday I went to an auction with my sister-in-law (Nydia). Well at this auction was a huge bin of purses, while we pawed through it (you are allowed to dig until auctions start) we found Lucky brand bags, leather purses and some stuff that looked of interest. We decided to go in on this lot together since she has three girls and a love for unique bags. And me? I just want to make some money. Well we ended up getting it for $60 (which we split). After pouring over the bags I took home three banker boxes filled with some sweet purses. And here are some that I threw up at auction, some went for lower then I had hoped but I’ve already made my money back & then some. AND still have bags for sale. I sold these bags for a total of $109 this week. I thought many of these bags would go for more then the opening price…so next time I won’t go the auction route, instead I’ll just put a Buy-It-Now with Best Offer on them all.

From left to right, top to bottom: Tre Vero Brown Leather Handbag (sold for $10), Brighton Leather/Faux Croc Purse (sold for $10), Fossil Pink Floral Handbag (sold for $10)
Coach black Leather Crossbody (sold for $15), Dooney & Bourke (Sold for $35), Coach pink suede phone/camera wristlet (sold for $29.06).

And while at the same auction I bought three pallets of miscellaneous goods (mostly toys). PALLETS. I ended up only half filling the back of Nydia’s truck because we picked through all of it for only the best things. And since I can’t remember what toys came from which box I am just going to let you know that I spent $35 on the three pallets. And I am guilty of buying one of the pallets for $15 just because it was FULL of nice wood hangers that looked like they came straight out of some fancy closet or a department store. And out of those pallets I’ve already made my money back plus some. And my ebay store is filling back up.

I’ve only sold three things which include a lot of four vintage yard doll heads (sold for $12.50), GUND Classic Pooh Plush (sold for $10) and a lot of 50 pieces of wooden train tracks & trains (sold for $25).



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    April 11, 2012 - 4:47 am | Permalink

    Great finds! I especially adore the Fossil floral purse. I just recently discovered “thrifting”… it’s awesome what you can get for only a couple bucks!

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    April 13, 2012 - 12:51 am | Permalink

    OOH, those are some nice finds. You should add estate sales to your shopping adventures, there’s a lot of stuff that’s worth some decent money just being thrown out the door because “everything must go”. A friend of mine picked up an entire 10 piece bedroom set for $100 and it’s a $15,000+ set at least based on the quality on the woodwork alone. It’s also fun to look through peoples stuff sometimes too! :)