Oh it’s 2012 already?

Lately life has been a bit insane. You know those holidays like to flip your normal routines upside down! So now that the new year has kicked off we are all set in “New Year, New Start” mode. I’m trying to develop a work schedule that works well for my online businesses. Which, well…isn’t the easiest since I never know just how long Micah will sleep, play with grandpa/dad, etc. But I truly blesses because when it all becomes too much I can just announce we are going to the Zoo or Children’s Museum. Which we received memberships to for Christmas and I know those will both be well used since we live less then 15 minutes from both. In fact, we have already used the zoo membership once! I’ve made it a goal to use one of the memberships atleast once per week. It’s a free activity & gets Micah out of the house, so don’t find it surprising to find lots of pictures of the zoo/children’s museum in my flickr.



Speaking of goals….even though it is a bit late in the week for this…well here are my five goals for the current week. I’m playing along with making weekly goals instead of a yearly goal that I will fail at.
1. Drop 2 lbs.
2. List 15 items on ebay
3. Clean out my office (even a little bit)
4. Post giveaway on blog
5. Do yoga atleast once