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Crazy hair, crazy face.






Making the bed?





Houston Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Childrens Museum

Ornamental Love

A peak of our Christmas tree this year. I would say our theme this year is “Micah madness”. There are clutters of ornaments, no theme and well it makes me smile every time I walk by the tree.

IMG_3841 IMG_3837 IMG_3830 IMG_3831 IMG_3832  IMG_3836

It’s a Christmas Miracle!!

Micah decided it would be fun to take pictures! He smiled, he stayed sort of still and he didn’t scold me! HALLELUJAH! He has been wanting me to plug in the extra strands of Christmas lights we have & oh boy this completely made his night! Sadly I am horrible with low lighting but I don’t mind the glowy Twas the night before Christmas look to the pictures. But if you have any tips for low lighting (as in only the Christmas tree & a few strands of Christmas lights), please send them over! But oh man I think all that cheesin Micah is doing makes up for any bad lighting. This might be the closest I come to take Christmas card pictures this year!





IMG_3596      IMG_3597      IMG_3588

Oh no, he’s no model.

I hear that I should put Micah into modeling weekly. I am not exaggerating the least bit here. I hear it all the time. Well here is a post to prove just how tired Micah is of the camera. I am sure he’d go ape shit if it was someone other then his mama coaxing him for just “one more” picture. These pictures were taken Sunday morning & also include one of his favorite cousins, Jacob. See this first one? He was growling & shaking his fist at me. Wait, that just might qualify for model behavior.


And then he just ignores me. See the lack of eye/camera contact? Even though ALLLLLLLL I was doing was calling his name and making funny noises.




So there you have it, my little not so model Micah. He sure is working the jacket though, too bad you can’t see the adorable patches on the elbows. YES, elbow patches!! By the way, I am no way bragging about the whole model comment thing. If I’m going to brag about anything, it would be the fact he winks at people while making a clicking sound with his mouth. Now that is truly awesome.

Saturday at the park….

Saturday afternoon was spent at Discovery Green park with my two favorite guys. We had lunch. Watched as they set up for ice skating. Ran around. Took pictures. And just enjoyed the afternoon downtown. I love just being able to enjoy the moment.


about to run!

dazed jp



Micah wasn’t too interested in taking pictures so many came out blurry from him running from me or well….just take a look. Oddly enough these become my favorite pictures of Micah.

No pictures.



Don’t forget to look up.






Oh the fun we will have…

With JP having some time off from work (he’ll be starting at a new job site within a week), we thought Thursday would be the perfect time to use our Moody Gardens Groupon. Half price tickets to something we’ve been talking about all summer?  Yes please & thank you very much. We enjoyed the aquarium & rain forest pyramids. Oh man, birds & fish? Micah was completely smitten with the place! So smitten that he asked both Friday & Saturday (today) if we could go see the fish.

The aquarium was filled with penguins, seals, fish, sharks, star fish & touch tanks. Micah was a bit afraid of the touch tanks, but the aquariums he did really well with which is great because he use to be insanely afraid of large tanks of fish. But he was excited to see all the animals and couldn’t wait to see what was next in our adventure.

The rain forest was a wonderful place to let him run around & explore. Unfortunately a lot of animals were hiding but the butterflies & fish were probably his absolute favorite. Oh how he wanted a butterfly to land on him, it was so sweet. And for SOME reason he kept telling me that the monkeys didn’t want their picture taken & would cover my lens when I tried to photograph them.

Enjoy your life & the little moments in it.

Watching the seals



Oh look.







Peeking at the fish...



Beautiful day