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Yes lame. I checked one thing off my list, my week just got away from me! But it is Sunday so that means I get new goals for the week!

1. DROP 2 LBS.
2. Yoga twice this week
3. Post giveaway on blog
4. List 15 items on ebay
5. Finish painting kitchen cabinets


Last weeks sadly neglected goals:

1. Drop 2 lbs. (stayed the same.)
2. List 15 items on ebay
3. Clean out my office (even a little bit)

4. Post giveaway on blog (uh yeah. obviously i didn’t)
5. Do yoga atleast once (nope)

Oh no, he’s no model.

I hear that I should put Micah into modeling weekly. I am not exaggerating the least bit here. I hear it all the time. Well here is a post to prove just how tired Micah is of the camera. I am sure he’d go ape shit if it was someone other then his mama coaxing him for just “one more” picture. These pictures were taken Sunday morning & also include one of his favorite cousins, Jacob. See this first one? He was growling & shaking his fist at me. Wait, that just might qualify for model behavior.


And then he just ignores me. See the lack of eye/camera contact? Even though ALLLLLLLL I was doing was calling his name and making funny noises.




So there you have it, my little not so model Micah. He sure is working the jacket though, too bad you can’t see the adorable patches on the elbows. YES, elbow patches!! By the way, I am no way bragging about the whole model comment thing. If I’m going to brag about anything, it would be the fact he winks at people while making a clicking sound with his mouth. Now that is truly awesome.

Saturday at the park….

Saturday afternoon was spent at Discovery Green park with my two favorite guys. We had lunch. Watched as they set up for ice skating. Ran around. Took pictures. And just enjoyed the afternoon downtown. I love just being able to enjoy the moment.


about to run!

dazed jp



Micah wasn’t too interested in taking pictures so many came out blurry from him running from me or well….just take a look. Oddly enough these become my favorite pictures of Micah.

No pictures.



Diaper free is the way to be!

Our household is officially diaper free. Okey I have one box of over night diapers crammed under Micah’s bed since we only used 3 from the box but we aren’t using the help of diapers anymore. HALLELUJAH, my son is potty trained! This is a glorious thing indeed! After having tried many times & not making any progress (he just wasn’t ready yet), we tried two weeks ago & we are officially potty trained. The first week while he was getting the hang of it we let him sleep with a diaper but then on the start of week two he would wake in the middle of the night to go potty. WHAAAAAATTTT?! I didn’t know kids got up to pee in the night, I thought they just went potty before bed or you stopped giving liquids a hour before bed or something? SUCCESS! We have success & a potty trained Micah!

We went on a undie spree at GAP & Old Navy. Micah’s really loving his robot underwear the most, which there are 3-4 that have robots. So luckily we have backups when changing underwear when it’s 3am & he sits on the potty and isn’t paying attention so somehow ends up peeing all over the floor, toilet and himself. Yeah, not like that has happened or anything….

My little man is growing up….



The month of October is seeming awfully long. JP is waiting for a new job site to start up so he can get back to work which means he has been home with us this month. Since he’s been at home I’ve amped up the reselling while still working the afternoons as a nanny. I feel like I’m totally dragging, for some reason I’ve been sleeping in until 9-10am which gets my days off to a slow start. A slow, lazy start. I’m in such a confessional mood. I want to just let it out that even though I’ve been kicking butt selling on ebay that I feel lazy. It’s because I’ve been sacrificing the gym for extra sleep which is stupid because if I’d go to the gym I’d fall asleep easier & wouldn’t need to lay in bed as long. I lay in bed for 2-3 hours before falling asleep, it’s the most annoying thing ever. But I know I’m not the only one with this problem, it seems like every couple has one that can never fall asleep & the other who konks out as soon as their head meets the pillow. So yes I know going to the gym/yoga would solve this but I’m just being lazy. Anyways I’m dragging because I can’t balance. So there it is, I need to find a good balance. The end. End of story. Find balance.

But you know what? Life is actually pretty darn wonderful for me right now. I love being able to have Micah near me all day long. I love seeing my husband so much after he’s worked 60-80 hours a week the past six months, including one month where he didn’t get a single day off. I simply love my life & we all get a bit overwhelmed sometimes so thank you for letting me rant a bit. And just to make this post less “wah wah me me wah wah” here’s Micah finger painting. There are only pictures of us starting since this got REAL messy REALLY quick! But that’s what a water hose was made for.




Oh the fun we will have…

With JP having some time off from work (he’ll be starting at a new job site within a week), we thought Thursday would be the perfect time to use our Moody Gardens Groupon. Half price tickets to something we’ve been talking about all summer?  Yes please & thank you very much. We enjoyed the aquarium & rain forest pyramids. Oh man, birds & fish? Micah was completely smitten with the place! So smitten that he asked both Friday & Saturday (today) if we could go see the fish.

The aquarium was filled with penguins, seals, fish, sharks, star fish & touch tanks. Micah was a bit afraid of the touch tanks, but the aquariums he did really well with which is great because he use to be insanely afraid of large tanks of fish. But he was excited to see all the animals and couldn’t wait to see what was next in our adventure.

The rain forest was a wonderful place to let him run around & explore. Unfortunately a lot of animals were hiding but the butterflies & fish were probably his absolute favorite. Oh how he wanted a butterfly to land on him, it was so sweet. And for SOME reason he kept telling me that the monkeys didn’t want their picture taken & would cover my lens when I tried to photograph them.

Enjoy your life & the little moments in it.

Watching the seals



Oh look.







Peeking at the fish...



Beautiful day

I licked the marker…

Micah found a dried up marker. Who knows where. Possibly under a sofa, bed, his desk…who freaking knows. He was despreate to use the marker since they are just so much better then crayons. Well I licked the dang marker and now it’ll last for one page….then he has me lick it again. Thank goodness they are non-toxic….

micah's drawing

micah drawing

That’s just how the 4th rolled by…

Fourth of July was a bit of a boring day for us, I know others were out celebrating. Eating BBQ, heading to the pools, the beaches & watching fireworks. Us? Well we went to see Cars 2 & left after no more then 45 minutes into the movie. Micah just wasn’t feeling it & I personally was already bored by it. So after scarfing down the majority of our popcorn, candy & slurpees in the previews we just stuffed some candy in my purse and got our butts out of that theater. Yes, I was the one holding a screaming two year old who wanted to go “byyyyye bye”. The rest of our day was spent watching a marathon of Hoarders, which gave me an itch to clean the house. We had 3 loads of laundry that needed to be put away & toys all over the living room rug…so that show got me all itchy to clean.

Before beach...

So yes, our fourth of July was a bit of a Saturday kind of day but that’s good since the husband has been working at least 60 hours a week. Yes I said at least. So it was very nice to just sit & do nothing. But the third of July? That was a different story, we spent the whole day at the beach with my husband’s side of the family. Which was filled with yummy food, jumping over waves & pranks. Yes we might have thrown seaweed at each other, scared each other with wrapping seaweed around each other…what? It’s nice to act like your 12 sometimes, even while holding your two year old on your hip. By the way, Micah absolutely loved when we would over exaggerate the waves that came crashing at us. And didn’t mind at all when a wave would smack him right in the face. Man it is nice to have such a laid back kid.

Me & Hubby
Me & Micah got a bit red even with 5 separate applications of sunblock. I kept forgetting my back & forehead…yes just my forehead is sunburn because of my giant sunglasses. Micah just has red cheeks & nose, the rest of him is TAN. You should have seen him once I stripped him down for the ride home. All our family couldn’t help looking at the contrast from his back to butt, a bit hilarious since I can burn after 20 minutes in the sun.

After beach...

Helping hands..

My helping hands are Micah. He’s becoming HELPFUL in the kitchen. As in he’ll fetch eggs, milk, fruits & vegetables from the fridge. He’ll help crack an egg, is it odd that I am overjoyed at him for knowing how to crack an egg properly? We’re still working on the shells thing. But hey, he’s two. Last summer he wasn’t even opening the fridge!

He loves pulling up his vintage yellow chair up to the counter & helping. And I love that he’ll hopefully learn to love food and cooking. Just this morning he helped me make banana bread!

Anyone else have their child(ren) help in the kitchen on a regular basis?



We like to relax…

Our Friday evening was spent playing outside. And no day would be complete without some Mr. Potato Head playtime, including them all going down the slide with Micah. The weather was perfect for enjoying our grassy green backyard.


Grass & potatoes

All slide down

Green grass & toes