Crazy hair, crazy face.






A Fresh Start?

I so badly want to be a blogger again. To have that relief, a creative outlet for all the things that rattle around my head. To have a constant sense of relief, letting the words flow through my finger tips into this world wide web that we all dearly cling onto. I want to blog about funny moments in my life, sweet pictures of Micah, my culinary adventures and just the life I lead. But then at the end of the day I just get tired, I lay around in the living room with my family & end up dragging my body to bed without giving a blog entry a second thought.

I want to share how our new home has a fig (and banana) tree that is giving off wonderful figs. SO many figs. And well I’m stumped on what to do with them all? I will take some to work, my dad will eat a few at a time with his dinner salad and the rest? Stumped. Oh how I want to share, maybe I will. Or maybe this again will be a failed attempt of trying to be someone I just may not be anymore. Until again. My life in pictures.

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Somtimes I’m good. Sometimes I’m bad.

But I’m always me. Well we are moving to the burbs. As in no more views of downtown, no more living 3 miles from all the museums & no more city life….for now. We are in contract on a wonderful house on a good chunk of land that will give everyone plenty of room to have their own space. Thursday is our inspection & on May 15th we are set to close. WISH US LUCK! I have been on edge for ohhhh….I don’t know the last month or two? This house buying stuff gets me so uptight & freaked out. Anxious? Yes, that would be the perfect word to describe me. Anxious.

New House

Work has been extremely busy the past month and a half but busy is good. Busy keeps me distracted. With parties, holidays and vacations…work has been non-stop which I LOVE! This week looks to be a slow week for the family I work for, so I will probably find a million organization projects to keep my mind busy. Along with finding a relief nanny/housekeeper I should be able to keep busy enough not to spazz out too bad before our home inspection. Just breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe. *Repeat a million times or so*

Micah Draws

Bye bye lovely locks….

just in case you missed it on my Instagram…Micah’s hair was chopped off after him begging me for short hair for two weeks. And now he is waiting for his “big hair” to grow back, just as I do every time I cut my hair short…he is regretting his choice. But for now we are enjoying the change and I am enjoying how little upkeep there is with so little hair. He also turned 4 a week after the hair cut…where has time gone?





Making the bed?





No need for applause.

Since the last time I properly updated this blog I have found a new job. Or should I say that a new job has found me?  I had been a part-time nanny for a family for two years when the zig zagging of their schedule started to become too much for me. I longed for a set schedule, security in knowing what my pay would look like and having dinner with my family. So wouldn’t you know it that as they went on vacation I got an email from an agency that really wanted me for a housekeeping job. Eh…housekeeping….in other words cleaning. But wait, it was full-time? As in 8 hours a day? And it paid well? Well I shot my resume over and after a series of lucky for me (not so lucky for someone else) events, I am the Household manager? Well I am still on trial for the job, but I am working my butt off to secure the position for myself. It seems as if the position will be mine as long as I continue to prove myself to be the trustworthy, hardworking & positive person I am.



Micah is growing too fast (as usual). School started this semester for JP and he has Saturday classes….for 8 hours. Yes a full day of welding, at least he enjoys it! Well Micah is telling me that he wants to go to the store…so I think that is my cue for some thrift shopping ;)


PS – Hearting my posts is just a nice way of saying you read it and may not have a comment but are just acknowledging the post ;)


This is just so perfectly Micah. The too big Croc boots, the vintage Yoda, the mix matched outfit, everything is so perfectly Micah.


On. Off. On. Off.

The infamous on again, off again blogger returns! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I have much to blog about but sometimes I just wish wordpress could extract my crazy thoughts into blog posts. Wouldn’t that just be fabulous? Then I wouldn’t go a day without a new blog post & wow would they be colorful. My mind looks like the messiest “inspiration board” you’ve seen. So many pictures, ideas, words and colors just blending together. It can be quite overwhelming actually. So my life in pictures can usually be found on my instagram. I am addicted. It my my current crack.

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Micah. My baby is grown.

Micah is no longer a baby. He hasn’t been a baby in quite awhile which makes me very sad. And when I look at old post like this one and old pictures like this. My heart aches for the times when he needed me more. He’s always been more independent then usual for his age, it has been noted by almost anyone who spends a significant amount of time with him. So it makes me sad to think that he will continue to need me less and less, I know it is a great thing that he is independent. I love that characteristic about him, it’s going to be such a useful trait to have throughout his life. I can admit though, that it makes me very happy when he needs his mama to hold him because the giraffes are getting too friendly or wants to sit in my lap while I’m working on the computer. Of course I get frustrated when he gets in a clingy mood because it is at the least convenient times but then I take a deep breath, remind myself that this moment will only happen once. Every moment just happens once, no matter how many moments seem the same. They are not. Milk every moment you can, embrace the crazy ride your child(ren) will take you on. Heck, parent or not. Embrace life and remember that each moment is just that….a moment! Alright, I’m done with my “open your eyes & enjoy life” post. We all know I go into this frenzy so often but I truly believe the little things make life so much more wonderful if you pay attention to them all.



Sold on eBay – Week of April 1st

I’ve decided to share my eBay fun a bit more since I am asked about it very often. I have been lacking in the eBay department because I have started selling on Amazon too. But I soon found that a mix of both is a great way to bring in money. I don’t want to bore you will ALL the sales since there were things I was trying to just move out of my store & lots of Micah’s old clothing. But I hope to help other who might be interested in reselling.

This past week I sold 21 items which came to a total of $331.85.

Last (last) Friday I went to an auction with my sister-in-law (Nydia). Well at this auction was a huge bin of purses, while we pawed through it (you are allowed to dig until auctions start) we found Lucky brand bags, leather purses and some stuff that looked of interest. We decided to go in on this lot together since she has three girls and a love for unique bags. And me? I just want to make some money. Well we ended up getting it for $60 (which we split). After pouring over the bags I took home three banker boxes filled with some sweet purses. And here are some that I threw up at auction, some went for lower then I had hoped but I’ve already made my money back & then some. AND still have bags for sale. I sold these bags for a total of $109 this week. I thought many of these bags would go for more then the opening price…so next time I won’t go the auction route, instead I’ll just put a Buy-It-Now with Best Offer on them all.

From left to right, top to bottom: Tre Vero Brown Leather Handbag (sold for $10), Brighton Leather/Faux Croc Purse (sold for $10), Fossil Pink Floral Handbag (sold for $10)
Coach black Leather Crossbody (sold for $15), Dooney & Bourke (Sold for $35), Coach pink suede phone/camera wristlet (sold for $29.06).

And while at the same auction I bought three pallets of miscellaneous goods (mostly toys). PALLETS. I ended up only half filling the back of Nydia’s truck because we picked through all of it for only the best things. And since I can’t remember what toys came from which box I am just going to let you know that I spent $35 on the three pallets. And I am guilty of buying one of the pallets for $15 just because it was FULL of nice wood hangers that looked like they came straight out of some fancy closet or a department store. And out of those pallets I’ve already made my money back plus some. And my ebay store is filling back up.

I’ve only sold three things which include a lot of four vintage yard doll heads (sold for $12.50), GUND Classic Pooh Plush (sold for $10) and a lot of 50 pieces of wooden train tracks & trains (sold for $25).